But The Game Went Wrong


Glitch-a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment.

Malfunction-a failure to function in a normal or satisfactory manner.

Infection-the presence of a virus in, or its introduction into, a computer system.

Error-a mistake.

Video Games, the perfect way to escape reality. Made of specific codes to satisfy the player. Creates a story to provide to the player to keep them interested. And most importantly, given a Character. With this character they can make them Stronger, Smarter, Faster, Good or Bad. With this, the player has this given character, and this reality, In which they persevere throughout the game, To get the end of their story. But what happens when there is a mistake in the game? An error in the code? A Malfunction in the system that upholds the story that carries the game? A glitch happens. An infection, upon Which can destroy this reality, and everything in it. But why does this matter to the player? There are too many games in this world, to be distraught about one. But what happens to those who cannot simply leave the game, for they don’t exist outside of it. Are they forced to sit in fear as they watch their world fade, or is that emotion simply outside of their code? But, what happens when the same glitch that is destroying the game, sets a code free? A file that was nothing more than a background character. Meant to be nothing more than a fill in the background. Given life and a chance to act upon it. What does that character do? Remain normal, or press START?

In this game, you play as a npc that has been thrown into a complete new sight of reality. With the abilities given to him, and the help along the way, will he fix his world and return it to its perfect state?

Progress Status: Not done yet.

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